Prioritize your work day by day

Plan and track your work using Sunsama's daily kanban. Make progress on what matters most each day.
Daily kanban

Focus on what you need to get done today

Pick the tasks you want to work on today. Bump non-essentials back. Check work off as you go, then go home. If you don't finish, incomplete tasks automatically roll over.
Task import

Add tasks from Asana, Trello, or Jira

Fill in your day with tasks already assigned to you, or create new tasks from scratch.

Organize your work by project, client, or whatever fits your style

Assign tasks and calendar events into channels. Pick a channel to see all the work that's being done.
Slack integration

Turn work into a team conversation

Don't miss important updates. Get notifications in the appropriate Slack channel when teammates make progress or need help.
Plan a calm and focused day.