Sunsama for Individuals

Do great work one day at a time. Always know what’s up next, carve out time for your most challenging projects, and create a plan for how you’ll succeed each day.
Tasks + Calendar

Always know what to work on next.

Pull up your tasks side by side with your calendar. With a prioritized task list right next to your calendar you’ll never wonder about what to work on between lunch and that afternoon coffee meeting again.
Daily Kanban

Craft your perfect day.

Pick the tasks you want to work on today. Bump non-essentials to future dates. Check work off as you go, then go home. If you don't finish, incomplete tasks automatically roll over to kickstart your next workday. See all your tasks together or focus in on just one project at a time.

Carve out focused time to do great work.

Drag and drop your tasks right onto the calendar to carve out heads down time to make a plan and do great work.
Tasks + Channels

Visualize Progress.

Open up a task to see all your working sessions and scroll back in your Daily Kanban history to review all the great work you’ve done in each project channel.
Plan a calm and focused day.