How remote teams manage their workload.

Sunsama makes it easy for your team to stay in sync about who's-doing-what each day.

See what's going on without having to ask

Remote teams don't have the luxury of hovering over each other's shoulders. Use the daily kanban to get a clear picture of what work is in progress or was completed on a given day. Add the GitHub integration to see what development work got done each day.

Easily share and organize calendars

Sunsama lets you share calendars with an entire team with the visibility of your choosing. No more adding share permissions on a one by one basis. Create shared channels for projects, initiatives and departments and tag important events, meetings and deadlines into them for everyone to see. Sync your Sunsama channels with your Slack channels.

Run great meetings from anywhere

Use the digital meeting room to collaborate on meeting notes whether you are at your desk or still at home in pajamas. Open up last night's retro meeting from the Berlin office to see what you missed while you were sleepless in Seattle.
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