Connect Slack to your daily planning routine.

Share your daily plan with teammates. Quickly turn messages into tasks you can follow up on later.

What are we doing today?

Daily Planning

Good morning.
Yesterday, I finished...
Today, the plan is...

Start the day with a clear sense of what progress was made yesterday and what everyone is working on today. Automate your daily stand-ups.
Task notifications

Finished that task.
Let's tell the team.

Update your team on what you're doing each day. Post updates on tasks to the relevant Slack channel.
Scheduling commands
/todo follow up on Brian's question
Use the Sunsama bot to quickly create tasks from Slack or turn existing messages into Sunsama tasks.
Get started
  • Create your account.
  • Add to Slack during onboarding (or later from workspace settings).
  • Customize notifications from your settings page.
  • Inside Slack, use the "/todo" command or hover on any message to convert it to a task.
  • Power your daily planning.